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Flowers that last forever

December 19, 2019 0 Comments

Flowers that last forever

SSFH Flowers is a well-know preserved flower brand created and operated by KINBUY International Trade Co., Limited. All products are from a leading global agricultural company (owned by KINBUY Group ) which owns ​​33000 m2 plantation and manufacturing area today. We are deeply integrated with the supply chain network of product R&D, plantation, processing, and online direct sales. Collaborated with Kangwon National University (KNU) and Yeasong Agricultural Association Corporation (YAAC), we hold cutting-edge technologies for designing and producing adorable and romantic flowers that last for years.

For customers who want to show their love to significant others, our flagship preserved flowers keep the freshness of flowers for a long period, signifying your deep and long-lasting love. 

For businesses who want to add flowers for decorations and internal designs, our advanced technology guarantees the quality, authenticity, and freshness of the flowers. Plus, it's much more eco-friendly and cost-effective compared to traditional fresh flowers. 

Hope you enjoy your time at StrassFlower, and feel free to reach out if you have any comments or unfulfilled business needs. As a leading manufacturer in this industry, we hold strong capability of developing new products for new customer needs. Additionally, we are happy to provide you options of batch productions and deliveries. All in all, We'll try our best to help you!